Computer Network Support


anaging a business of any size requires a broad range of skills and experience. While you and your staff have the skills to easily handle most of your business’ needs, maintaining your ICT environment is a skill best left for experts.

Choosing to outsource your company’s Computer Network Support with Kollash Business & Technologies Ltd will save your business time and money by providing technology-based solutions for your business challenges.

Kollash Business & Technologies Ltd is an ICT services provider that can take care of all your ICT support needs. Regardless of your business’ needs, basic or complex, whether you need to build your IT network from the ground up, upgrading your existing network, or just need basic IT supports, Kollash Business & Technologies Ltd is there to serve you.

Our Computer Network Services cover the following areas;

  • Technology Planning & Implementation.
  • Networks Planning, Deployment & Maintenance.
  • Server Configuration & Management.
  • Data Protection, Disaster Recovery & Avoidance.
  • Hardware & Software Procurement.
  • System Maintenance Contracts.
  • Computer Protection: Antivirus, Antispyware & Safe browsing Technologies.

Please, Contact Us for more detail on how we can serve you.